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Trees are a great addition to any property as they offer various benefits such as shade and aesthetic appeal. Despite these benefits, trees can also be a source of plumbing problems. The roots of trees can grow as deep as three times the height of trees which can penetrate the rubber rings of pipes.

The damage that tree roots can cause in earthenware pipes may lead to broken sewer lines. Traditional pipe repair methods have been associated with various disadvantages, such as messy and destructive excavation at properties. As a result, the newer pipe repair method called pipe relining is suggested to clients. This process involves minimal excavation, thus it is often referred to as the “no-dig” solution to pipe repair.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is a method where a newer pipe, smaller in diameter, is fitted to a larger diameter pipe. This process allows pipe repair without the hassles of excavation and replacement. Pipe relining is becoming a popular choice among Australian homeowners when dealing with damaged sewer lines.

Pipe relining eliminates the need to dig excessively around a property. Since the old pipes will remain in place and will only be fitted with a smaller one, the cost is also much less than traditional options. This process can be used for pipes with diameters as little as four inches to ones as high as five feet.

How will pipe relining be performed at my property?

To make sure that we give you the best results, here are the steps involved in the process:

Partial cleaning– Using a hydro-cleaning machine, we will clear the pipes to prepare it for a video inspection.

CCTV inspection – Using a CCTV drain camera that we will run into the pipe, we are able to check the extent of the damage to the pipes, as well as the cause and where it is precisely located.

Complete cleaning – To thoroughly clean the pipes, we use a hydro-jet cleaning machine. This enables us to remove the tree roots and other obstructions.

Lining material installation– The inverter machine, also known as the ‘shooter’, is used to invert the lining material and form the interior within the damaged pipe. We will use steam or hot water for pipe relining jobs for large pipes.

Video re-inspection– To ensure that we have performed the process correctly, we will conduct a final video inspection using the CCTV drain camera.

How will pipe relining benefit me?

Pipe relining is gaining popularity as a sewage repair option in Australia because of the following advantages:

Convenience– Pipe relining provides an easier way to fix sewage problems due to cracks or root damage. Gone are the days of having to destroy a landscaped property just to get the job done. Now, pipes can be repaired with very minimal hassle.

Less costly– Since digging, purchase of new pipes and a complete overhaul of your sewer system are no longer necessary, property owners save money.

Time-saving– Pipe relining is also faster compared to the traditional methods. The whole process can be completed in as fast as 30 minutes under ideal conditions. It saves homeowners the waiting time to get their sewage pipes working again.

Double pipe protection– Tree and plant roots do not damage the whole system so there are parts that work perfectly fine. Pipe relining gives dual protection to the system minimising the intrusion of roots and extending the time needed for the next repair.

If your pipes need fixing, carefully consider the new system of pipe relining. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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