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Hot Water Emergency in Balmain

Tiffany was at work when her daughter called. The hot water stopped working! It had happened before and had fixed itself. Tiffany told her daughter to simply wait for a bit before trying the system again. An hour later and another phone call. The hot water still wasn’t working! It was the end of days as far as the eighteen year old was concerned!

Tiffany promised to sort it out and hung up. She pulled out her wallet and began sifting through the impossible amount of cards she kept in there. Tiffany began to think she’d thrown it out when she found the card. A local Balmain Plumber she’d called once before for a blocked drain. She rang and explained that her hot water system had a problem. The appointment was organised for when she got home.

Tiffany got home about three minutes before the Plumber arrived. She let him in and directed him to the hot water system, joining him after she’d put all her things down. Her daughter had been right, the hot water was definitely not working.

After doing some testing, the Plumber explained that the element in her electric heater had gone. It would need to be replaced if she wanted hot water. Tiffany definitely did want hot water, so she gave the go ahead. The Plumber ducked out to his truck to get the materials he needed, before getting to work. Before long he was back to report he’d repaired the problem. Tiffany went to her bathroom and turned on the hot tap. Before long it began heating. The Plumber tested the temperature at other taps around the house before he was satisfied.

For a local Balmain Plumber you can rely on when your hot water system has stopped working, call 0402 039 699!


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