5 Basic Plumbing Tools

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When it comes to DIY plumbing repairs and replacements, you must have the proper tools to make the operation successful. Having the proper tools and knowledge will ensure that you have repaired the problem and not worsen it. Having the proper knowledge and skills used during the operation helps you save money from costly repair service. On the other hand, and as mentioned, make sure to have these essential plumbing tools like these ones listed below:

Protective Garments

For some who only have a little knowledge on plumbing, there’s a possibility that you may encounter accidents during the operation. With that being said, it’s important to put your safety first by investing on protective garments. When dealing with chemicals and sharp objects, make sure that your skin is protected to avoid bloody accidents. You should have protective glasses and gloves to avoid the chemicals from burning your skin or sharp objects from cutting your hands when unexpected events begin to happen. The aforementioned are two of the essential tools that a homeowner must have before any repair operation starts.

Tape measure

Aside from sewing, the tape measure is also essential in plumbing. This comes handy when you need to have a proper measurement. Apparently, this is also helpful when you want to get accurate measurements of the pipes for pipe replacement. It appears to be helpful when you don’t want all the excess materials to get stored in the basement and become useless. This only indicates that you have wasted your money on a material. In addition, this also works in measuring the diameter of pipe connections and fittings.


When it comes to the toilet or sink blockages, the traditional tool we used to remove is through the use of a plunger. However, homeowners must know that there are different types of the plunger used in different situations. A household must have at least two types of the plunger, the cup plunger, and the flange plunger. The former is also known as the standard plunger and is best used for places which have flat surfaces such tub drain, bathroom drain, and the sink drain. On the other hand, the flange plunger is best used for toilet bowl obstructions where there are curving spaces. Even if the two can still be used for both areas, the result drastically differs.


One of the must have tools in the household is the wrench. This tool is used for tightening and fastening all the bolts and nuts in the plumbing system that can’t be tightened with the use of your bare hands. Similar to the plunger, there are also different types of wrench that can be used in the different situations. For instance, if the bolts are located at the back of the pipe or below the sink, there are special wrenches that can be used that can reach these areas. Two common types of wrenches used in every household are the adjustable and basin wrench.