3 Effective Pipe Maintenance Tips

plumberbalmain pipe maintenance tips

Conveying wastewater and drinking water in and out of a household can be difficult if the pipe system has serious issues and due to this problem, its efficiency decreases. In addition, depending on the extent of damage, it might already affect its lifespan as well. With this, it’s important to check the pipe system regularly. However, the system tends to be overlooked due to its location. And some homeowners does not want to invest on repairing it as it is costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, here are some effective ways on how to maintain your pipes.

  1. Pipe camera inspection

One method to successfully maintain the efficiency of the pipe system is by opting for an inspection. This must be done especially for the pipes underneath as cracks and leaks are difficult to find underground. Moreover, opting for the traditional method would be expensive. So here’s another way to ease homeowners pockets when it comes to effectively maintain your piping system. This method is known as the pipe camera inspection, this involves inserting a camera into the pipe system and as the tool moves forward, it will send footages to the one operating it. With this, the tradies will find it easy to choose the suitable repair method for the blockage, cracks or leaks that were seen during the inspection. On the other hand, camera inspection can be considered as a D-I-Y but it’s best to have a professional plumber assist and guide you to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

  1. Rodding tool

This tool is in the form of snake rod. Similar to the pipe camera, the tool is inserted into the pipe to remove all the blockages. Moreover, it cleans the pipe system to let the flowing water pass through. It is also important to assess the problem to known what kind of rodding tool is needed. There are 4 known rodding tool types available in the market and these are the tape rod, closet auger, kinetic water ram and sink auger. A typical rodding tool has various rodding heads to be used in different situations. However, it can still cut tree roots, and small-sized rocks out of the pipe.

  1. Chemical-based solution

A common misconception deemed by homeowners is that chemical-based solutions are good for the pipe system. Apparently, they believe so as these products are sold in the market. However, the solution may only come in handy during minor problems. This product doesn’t have the ability to remove the non-soluble blockages within the pipe. Constant usage of this will only cause problem to the pipe system. Due to the chemical content of the solution, it will only corrode the pipe and create leaks overtime. When it comes to root intrusion, this is where chemical solutions begin to become useful. Professional plumbers recommend opting for copper sulphate to prevent the growth of tree roots near the pipes. The purpose of this chemical is to serve as a blanket to the pipe system. Moreover, experts remind homeowners to apply this chemical at specific intervals for it can still damage the pipe if used in large quantities.