Emergency Plumbing

Do you have a Plumbing Emergency?

Need immediate assistance on burst pipes? Don’t panic. At Plumber Balmain, we are committed in solving your problems as quick as possible. As one of the leading plumbing maintenance companies in Sydney, we ensure to deliver quality plumbing service at an affordable price.

Our emergency plumbers are capable of addressing several plumbing emergencies including:

  • Hot water issues

  • Blocked drains

  • Leaks or burst pipes

Donna dialled the number for the Balmain Plumber, watching as her husband desperately tried to turn off the tap.

When he realised that wasn’t working, he raced outside to turn the water off at the mains. Gary had thought he was smart, purchasing the taps himself. He’d asked the person at the hardware store how to do it, what tools he’d need and even asked for any handy inside tips. He rushed home and raced into the bathroom to try out his newly learn skill, and the job hadn’t turned out that bad. The taps looked relatively nice, if not a little crooked, but Gary had been pleased. That was, until he’d decided to brag and called his wife in to look. Gary had turned on the tap and they had both watched as water gushed into the bath tub and would not shut off.

The Balmain Plumber arrived the same afternoon. As the water had already been turned off, he got straight to work removing the taps. Gary hung over his shoulder the entire time asking questions and wondering where he had gone wrong. Gary was determined to get the job done right by himself next time. The local Plumber worked quickly and efficiently, checking the new taps for faults before reinstalling them correctly. He restored the water supply and tested his work. The water flowed out perfectly, with no excess force, and, even better, the tap actually turned off the water!

Donna thanked the Balmain Plumber for getting to them so quickly and resolving the plumbing emergency her husband had created.

For an unexpected plumbing problem, call your local Balmain Plumber to fix the issue on 0402 039 699!


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