Blocked Drains

Blocked Drain Specialists

Having blocked drain problems? You shouldn’t worry about them, our trustworthy Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and well-trained to fix all sorts of blocked drains. We guarantee to solve your problems quickly and professionally.

Blocked drains are commonly caused by:

  • Tree roots penetrating sewer and stormwater pipes
  • Dead leaves and other debris that clump together
  • Too much flushing of toilet paper and wet wipes
  • Faults in the sewer lines

Clearing your Blocked Drain

The following are some of the drain clearing equipment and supplies used by our Blocked Drain Specialists:

  • Water jet drain cleaner
  • Electric Eel drain cleaning equipment
  • RootX, a foaming pipeline root control product
  • Bio-Clean drain septic bacteria
  • High strength acid

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Blocked Drain in Balmain

The breakfast rush had finally died down. It was always busy on Saturdays, with locals taking their friends and pets for a morning stroll. The waitress finished ferrying in the last lot of dirty plates as he checked his change in the register. He’d also have to get more pastries in the display case as they were running out. The waitress, Jenna came back out of the kitchen and spoke softly to him so a couple paying at the register wouldn’t hear her.

“The kitchen sink is blocked and they can’t get it to drain.” Jonathan closed the register and followed her into the kitchen. The sink was half full with the plug sitting on the ledge beside it. The kitchen hand had scooped out all the food matter that could have been blocking it and was now trying to plunge it clear. They needed the sink cleared for lunch. One of the chefs knew a local Balmain Plumber who could fix it for them. Jonathan made the call and before the hour was through the Balmain Plumber was walking into the café.

He attempted plunging the sink to clear the water, but had no luck. He stuck the plug back in and threw a bucket of water under the trap as he disconnected it. There was nothing blocking the pipe there, meaning the issue was further down the line. It wasn’t much longer when the Plumber announced it was the grease trap that was the problem. The grease trap was clogged and needed to be cleared. Jonathan agreed. He showed the Plumber to the staff toilet and the back door which led into the lane way. The Plumber brought his truck around the back and removed the grease trap.

He moved it as quickly as possible to the laneway as it stunk. Filthy water slopped inside, and it was caked with debris and fat. Jenna raced out the front so she wouldn’t be sick. Jonathon gagged but managed to catch himself. Within an hour, as the lunch rush began to pick up pace, the Plumber announced he was finished. He connected everything back up and drained the sink, making sure to flush a couple of buckets through the system to ensure it was cleared. To avoid the problem in the future, he recommended the grease trap be cleared every year.

For a local Plumber you can rely on in a pinch, call your local Balmain Plumber for any issue with your blocked drains, whether it’s commercial or residential! Call now on 0402 039 699!


5 Common Drainage Issues

Drain repair issues can be viewed as minor inconveniences but with time, they can grow to become major plumbing problems and lead to a costly […]

Blocked Drain Vent

If you find something wrong deep down in your drainage system, you may start getting several signals. If you correctly pick up these signs you’ll be able to stay away from big troubles later on. Before you encounter the problem of blocked drains ,the advisable thing is to start taking precautionary measures. But how can you take preventative actions if you don’t know the reason behind the blockage?

Blocked Drain Chemical

Burning chemical drain cleaners would be better left in the hands of professional handymen. Don’t lose hope, however. There are natural cleaners could possibly be simply what you need to maintain your drains working. The possible risks with scathing drain cleaners are legion and, I accept, far exceed the possibility dangers to life and property or home.

How Tree Root Intrusion Causes a Drain to Block

Root intrusion is faulted more than fifty percent of most sewer obstruction and broke channels. When the tree is a few years of age it gets to be practically hard to vacate it, which means that you have to fix or displace your sewer structure.
Supposing that you are thinking about planting a ficus tree or magnolia trees in your yard or shut an office or loft building, you may need to reevaluate. These are only two of the kinds of plants and trees than can prompt a genuine pipes and sewer issue reputed to be root intrusion.

How to Unblock Drains Easily

Knowing the way in which both kitchen and bathroom sinks can be used for all intents and purpose regularly, at one focus in time they might obstruct or break down completely. Constant use and taking care of by numerous clients help their damage. Obstructing may occur whenever because of gathering of particles within the drainage funnels. Blockages can happen at a few areas where speedy repairs may not be simple.

Blocked Shower Drain – Clearing the Challenge

Shower Skillet is considered the most unstable part of shower drain . Introducing a shower drain channel is very favorable to maintain your restroom clean and new. Usually such drains are long and contract and push great water flow and drainage when needed. The gainful part is that the shower drains have the best strategies with a prevalent capability of water accumulation than customary water flow which helps in streamlined drainage.

Advantages of using Electric Drain Cleaners

Advantages of using Electric drain cleaners include the ability to clean up long portions of sewer drain, the ability to leave strong blockages, for example, tree roots and adornments, prepared accessibility by means of tool shops and device rental counters. Machines that use springs can stretch out to numerous 90 degree twists while still maintaining their adequacy and without damaging the funnel.

Septic System

Septic system installation isn’t just about digging up a hole and positioning a tank. There has to be some guidelines to check out. You will need to secure permits through the appropriate government bodies. When you’ve the required papers, you will commence the excavation and be directed by a specialist to guarantee the safety of this specific job.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Different types of backflow preventers present for different app prone conditions, check state along with other indigenous management regulations or codes about the right backflow to use. Any person who wants to avoid block drains in future should begin using these devices. When installation and in-ground sprinkler device you should are aware that some cities might need backflow prevention devices (also known as BPD). Even though any is not needed, you might want to consider installing one so as to safeguard your drinking supply from the pollutants.

Acidic Drain Openers

Acidic drain openers work best, when in the hands of Qualified experts.Disadvantages of acidic drain cleaners are countless,which are hazardous for life and property.Experts could be best utilize these acidic drain openers,whenever we give them a call.Other Extensive techniques for draining pipes are not practical,but acidic drain openers used by qualified experts.